The Most Delicious and Famous Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Generally, the Japanese cuisine, especially traditional cuisine, can be said to be healthy food. It is because the food is sufficient in protein, low calorie, and also contains important nutrients. Then, the important thing is that making of Japanese cuisine is not with too many spices and even it does not take much time. Here are some types of food that you must try when visiting Japan!


Yakitori is a typical Japanese satay (generally chicken). Usually enjoyed together with beer or sake. Yakitori is a very popular street food. Therefore, this food is easily found in restaurants, small cart vendors, and street vendors called Yatai. Especially when there is a festival, it’s easy to find.

Taste? Delicious and really delicious !! The chicken meat and the fat are covered with Japanese spices, then grilled. Yakitori is one of the most eaten summer festival foods in Japan. I just want to keep eating Yakitori.


Yakitori is generally a chicken satay, but it turns out that there are many types listed below, from halal to special ones (pork) such as yakiton: grilled pork.


Sushi is actually a kind of a dish that is a combination of seafood and rice vinegar (the other ingredients are sometimes also used). Sushi also has types. One of them is fermented sushi, which is commonly called nare-sushi, but the types of nigiri sushi and maki zushi sushi are perfectly typical. If you don’t really like sushi made from raw fish, take it easy! There are many other available ingredients, including grilled eel and boiled shrimp. You can easily get and find sushi all over Japan, but sushi found in high-quality restaurants such as in Ginza or neat with the ports of fishing is delicious.


This Japanese cuisine is a cake that looks like a bream fish. The name taiyaki literally means grilled sea fish. Taiyaki is made with a dough that looks like a pancake or waffle and is filled with sweet-tasting adzuki bean paste, plus custard cream, chocolate, cheese, and more.


So you can imagine what it feels like right? This snack is easily found in almost all regions of Japan, such as at yatai, supermarkets, and festivals in Japan. That said, if you’ve come to Japan but haven’t tried taiyaki, you will definitely lose out.


This one food is sure to have perched on the list of the most popular Japanese foods that must be tried in its native country. But apparently, there are many types of ramen in Japan. You can “push yourself” to try as many ramens as you can and even manage to taste 8 ramen in 8 days.

Well, Japanese people are very passionate about making ramen, especially the broth. Therefore, all the ramen that is consumed has its own character and the taste is very intense, not just one dimension. Most of the ramen in Japan is non-halal. However, it is not impossible to find good halal ramen. Maybe the next time you go to Japan you can try halal ramen hunting.


Previously the image of udon was a bowl of noodle soup that was similar to ramen but the size of the noodles was fatter. However, udon turns out to be a dish that is completely different from the types of noodles, soup, toppings to the way of serving.

Although the main ingredient is the same as ramen noodles, namely wheat flour, the udon noodles are thicker and have a much chewier texture. Udon sauce is usually clear (not creamy like ramen) with the main components of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin.

Then talking about udon topping can be an art in itself. There were chunks of vegetables such as chopped green onions as well as various pickles, on separate plates were shrimp and vegetable tempura. Udon like this is usually served hot.

So, do you want to try the lists of delicious Japanese cuisine above?

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