The Best Traditional Siamese Foods Served in Sets for Royal and Aristocratic Families

Thai foods are well-known for their savory tastes and great variations. You can enjoy many types of soups, curries, processed meats, desserts, street foods, and others when visiting the country. Interestingly, some old and traditional Siamese foods can still be simply found around. Yes, Siam refers to the old name of Thailand in the past. Those traditional Siamese foods were commonly served for royal families and aristocrats. So, what are the best among them? Here they are.

The Traditional Dining Cuisine of Khan Toke

There is an old tradition in the northern area of Thailand that is still maintained until now. It is the continuity of Chiang Mai and Lanna Kingdom tradition related to the dining cuisine. So, there is a set of foods namely Khan Toke. Each of the food is served in a small bowl and then all the bowls are placed on a round table. The foods to serve are actually quite simple, they are rice, chicken or pork curry, fillet fried chicken, vegetable salad, and chili sauce.

The Typical Cuisine of Northeastern Siam

From the northern area of Thailand, we move to the northeastern one. In this area, there are some famous old Siamese foods. Those foods are also usually served at once; Lap, Som Tam, Sai Krok Isan, and Nam Tok Nuea. What are they? Lap literally means the meat salad. There are 2 variations, Lap Kai (chicken salad) and Lap Mu (pork salad). The meat is chopped and cooked together with fish sauce, lime water, chillies, mint, and onion. Next, there is Som Tam that is made from green papaya. The cooking process is sautee with spices including tomatoes, dried shrimps, fish sauce, lime water, and garlic.

Cuisine of Northeastern Siam
Cuisine of Northeastern Siam

The third traditional food from northeastern Siam is Sai Krok Isan. It is a fermented sausage made from pork and rice. The main spice to use is very simple, it is only garlic. Although it is commonly served with other foods mentioned above, you can also eat it only with rice. Lastly, there is Nam Tok Nuea, a watery beef salad. The beef is grilled along with some typical spices like onions, garlic, lime water, and mint leaves.

A Unique Set of Foods in the Wicker Basket from Central Thailand

Central Thailand also has some typical foods that are usually served together, following the habits of aristocratic families in the past. Those foods include Massaman, Khaeng Khiao Wan, and Kaeng Som. Massaman is savory curry which is full of spices like cinnamon, black cumin, clove, bay leaves, and still many more. The main ingredient is chicken although you can replace it with duck or beef.

Manwhile, Kaeng Khiao Wan means the green curry. Sure, it is because the broth is green for many green chilies added. The filling of this curry is fish balls, meat, and vegetables. Next, there is Kaeng Som, still a type of curry. This curry is made from fish and the taste tends to be sour. It is because of the tamarind used as the main spice. Additional ingredients are radish, cabbage, carrot, beanstalks, and asparagus.

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