A Review of Some Most Famous Japanese Food

We all can agree that when Japanese food is mentioned, certain types of cuisines will come straight to our minds. While in their original country there are wide varieties of cuisines with regional specialties as well as seasonal dishes, some are long known and popular worldwide. Now, this Japanese food review is not to assess which Japanese food is the best or which restaurant serves the best Japanese food, but to give you the ideas about some of the most known Japanese food and how they suit your taste.

Sushi, the most known dish outside Japan

Sushi has gained its popularity in other countries since long ago among other Japanese food. It is also one of the most popular foods even among the Japanese themselves. Usually served in Japanese restaurants across the globe, in Japan, sushi is usually served and eaten on special events. Centuries ago, sushi is known to be pickled fish that are preserved in vinegar. Today we know sushi as cuisine with already prepared rice (with sushi vinegar) as the main element. Some of the most popular sushi types are ‘nigiri’ or the rice balls with fish or other toppings and ‘gunkan’ or a cup made from sushi rice covered in dried seaweed with the most common fillings are fish eggs.

Sashimi, the raw food

Japanese food review will never be right without talking about this one cuisine. People may think that sashimi is made from raw fish or seafood only, but it is not. Sashimi is the dish in which raw food is sliced thinly. It is correct that seafood is the one most commonly used in the dish, but some other meats such as beef or even horse and deer or konnyaku and yuba tofu skin can also be made into sashimi. As people outside Japan are sometimes getting sashimi confused with sushi, to tell the clearest difference is that in sushi, rice prepared in vinegar must be included and not the case with sashimi.

Sashimi, the raw food
Sashimi, the raw food

Sashimi is eaten by dipping the piece into soy sauce. usually, the diner is responsible for pouring the needed amount of soy sauce into a small dish. Some types of sashimi may include a bit of ground ginger or wasabi that is dabbed to the piece. Some of the most common kinds of sashimi are ‘maguro’ or tuna and ‘sake’ or salmon.

Ramen, the popular noodle soup

We can not do a Japanese food review and leave ramen behind. While there are still many other dishes that are super popular, but as nobody can say no to noodles, let’s include ramen into this review. Originally from China, ramen has become one of the most known and eaten by Japanese and non-Japanese.  It can be found anywhere and comes at a very affordable price.

You can never get bored of ramen as numerous variations of the dish are available. Ramen has three main elements, the base soup, the noodle, and the toppings. Typically grouped by the soup base, some variations can also come from combining different bases. To get the best ramen experience, it is recommended to eat ramen at specific ramen restaurants It usually can be found as one of the menus in typical Japanese restaurants all across the world.

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