6 Japanese Street Foods to Taste While Enjoying Festivals and Events

Tasting Japanese street cuisine directly from the country is very interesting. Indeed, Japanese foods like sushi are well-known all around the world. But if in the near future, you want to go to this country, make sure to spare your time for street foods. Particularly if you can go there when there is an event or festival, it can be better. Along the streets, they are filled with tempting food stalls as well as you can also learn about the typical Japanese culture. So, what are the street foods you should taste when being there? Here they are.


Okay, this food must be simply found no matter where you are. It is in the form of a ball made from flour with octopus as filling. After the balls are baked well, they are poured with special Takoyaki sauce and sprinkles of bonito. The taste is very good particularly if you prefer savory and spicy snacks. The Takoyaki balls are really smooth and soft with delicious sauce. Meanwhile, bonito adds the sensation of crispy outside.



Taiyaki is a kind of pancake that is popular as traditional street foods, not only in Japan but also in some countries around like South Korea. The pancake is unique as it is in the form of fish. The taste is sweet with filling whether it is chocolate or cheese. Taiyaki tastes better if you eat it while it is still warm. But sure, if you just can eat it later when it is getting cold, the taste is still not bad at all.


Another traditional pancake from Japan is Okonomiyaki. Different from Taiyaki that is sweet, this one is spicy and salty. There are many ingredients used here including sliced cabbages, chopped meat, octopus, and leek. They are mixed in the dough and then baked while being slipped several times. After it is done, the seller pours Japanese mayonnaise sauce and Bonito. Okonomiyaki is available in various sizes. So, if you buy the big one, you can divide it into some to be enjoyed together with friends.


Yakisoba is made from Soba noodle that is processed with saute. Then, sliced meat is added along with sweet sauce. When the noodles have been cooked well, red pickles are added as the topping. So, it is sweet, salty, and spicy at once.


Dango is quite similar to marshmallow. Yes, it is a kind of chewy sweet ball that is grilled to serve together with a cup of green tea. While being grilled, Dango is smeared with sauce made from soy and sugar. You can find Dango every time and everywhere. Well, eating Dango in spring when Sakura is just blooming can be a perfect experience.


Yakitori is made from meat and vegetables that are processed very similarly to Dango. Yes, the meat pieces and vegetables are arranged using sticks. Then, they are grilled. During the grilling process, Tare sauce and salt are smeared to enrich the taste. the sauce is added once more when they are cooked. The taste is really savory but also sweet.

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