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5 Unique Foods to Find Only in Japan

What do you think about Japanese cuisine? Well, you simply think about sushi or ramen. Indeed, they are some of the most popular foods from Japan that currently can be easily found anywhere you are. However, this country is also well-known for its unique foods. Even they often use unusual ingredients to make the results different from others. Interestingly, those unique foods are still very tasty. So, what are they? Make sure to try some of the following foods if you have a chance to visit this country.

Ramen with Coffee Broth

If eating ramen is not a special thing in Japan, this ramen may make you think differently. Yes, in the area of Mensho, Tokyo, there is a restaurant with some unique ramen menus. One of them is using coffee as the soup. But rather than the taste being weird, it is still really delicious. Yes, the chef of the restaurant uses cacao powder and pork broth as the main ingredients to make the ramen soup. Besides, the food is also served with sliced leek, smoked beef, cheese, and even chocolate.


Natto is actually not a new snack in Japan. It is made from fermented soy with creamy texture. However, this food is indeed not really liked even by Japanese themselves because of the bad smell. But if you can hold your breath for a while and then put Natto to your mouth, your perception about this food may be better. Yes, it is very delicious and savory. Furthermore, Natto also has many health benefits and it is recommended as a part of your diet program.



Some foods that look disgusting, in fact, have delicious tastes at least for some people. One of them is Hachinoko, one of the typical Japanese snacks. Hachinoko is made from bee larvae that are cooked with sugar and sweet soy sauce. The texture is great in which the larvae’s surface is crispy while the inner area is really smooth and textured. Aside from being consumed as snacks, Hachinoko is also eaten together with rice and vegetables. You can enjoy this unique food mostly if you visit Nagano Prefecture.


The next unique food from Japan is Shirako. What is it? The main ingredient of shirako is fish testicles. The texture tends to be mushy and slimy. Well, there are enough reasons why not all people are interested to taste this food. But once you try it, you may just want it more. Yes, Shirako is really tasty and savory. Besides, the aroma is also quite tempting. Many Japanese people believe that eating Shirako regularly can improve their health and stamina. So, why don’t you try it?


Ice Cream with Anchovy Topping

Anchovy is a type of small fishes that are quite delicious to eat. The taste is salty but also spicy so that it is just great for being eaten with rice or salad. But in Japan, the salty fish is used as the ice cream’s topping. Uniquely, the taste combination of sweet and salty here is just good and balanced. So, it is not surprising if this unique cuisine is just loved by many people.

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